Wednesday, 11 December 2019

50 Quick-Play Grammar Games

This book is designed to reinforce a variety of basic grammar skills. At least two games are included for each skill in the book, and two different skill levels are addressed within each skills area.

For example, the first game in Subject/Verb identification section addresses very basic skills appropriate for early elementary students. The next Subject/Verb game requires students to use slightly more advances skills and would be appropriate for use with middle elementary students.


  • Waste no time - These games have been designed for quick set-up and play. Most games take about 10 minutes to play.
  • Game equipment - You will need different-coloured game tokes, dice and game chips to play many of the games in the book.
  • Optional set-ups - Some games in the book include pages of game cards that can be preapred ahead of time.
  • Mix and match - Many of the game boards are "generic" types that can be used with any stim types.
  • Question and answer - Most of the games in the book contain enough items to play a couple of games with two or three players.
  • Group project - You might choose seceral games in the book and have your students help you "manufacture" them for take-home use.
Download: 50 Quick-Play Grammar Games

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