Saturday, 18 April 2020

Grammar: Irregular Verbs Flashcards and Worksheets

Irregular Verbs

Irregular verbs are common verbs in the English language that do not follow the simple system of adding “d” or “ed” to the end of the word to form the past tense.

That means the spellings can be a little tricky. Some irregular verbs follow patterns, such as drink–drank, spring–sprang, know-knew, and blow-blew but you can’t use those patterns with predictability.

Unfortunately, learning irregular verbs means memorization.

Example from Woodward English

Here some activities that can be downloaded regarding this verbs:

Irregular verbs puzzles.pdf 1.7 MB
Irregular verbs card 3.8 MB
Irregular verbs matching cards.pdf 919 KB
Irregular verbs bingo+spinner game.pdf 3.4 MB
Irregular verbs write the sentences.pdf 1.4 MB

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